encite – Empower through Partnership


We walk beside business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs to help:


1. Overcome feelings of lost, stuck ,tired or stressed through strategic direction and purpose.

2. Ease the pressure of low profits or slow progress with higher returns for investment and effort.

3. Replace team challenges or low success with performance and integrity.


We partner to empower focus, clarity and confidence. We share the load.




Our Values


Authenticity – Intent matches Behavior


Integrity – Honor your word. Without it nothing works.


Courage – Vulnerability as a source of strength. Willing to have uncomfortable conversations.


Why we exist
  • To restore trust as an essential element in business advice.


  • To nurture and support advisors as they support others


  • To bring advisors together to learn and challenge each other and co-create their client solutions.


  • To create an open source, abundant and collaborative environment for growth.
  • To support the best advisors to do their best work.


  • To create an environment where we hold each other accountable graciously.


  • To make it easier to access the best content available. Our copyright is your right to copy what we write.
How we behave
  • We speak the truth, and boldly live it, at the risk of rejection.


  • We put relationship gain before personal gain.


  • We are not confused about what’s right and what’s wrong.


  • We examine ourselves openly to ensure our integrity.


  • We will stand beside you, not across the table from you.


  • We are kind and abundant.


  • We never leave a fallen comrade.


  • We are who we are even when no one is looking.
Where we are heading
  • We believe that business is the vehicle for global change.


  • By supporting the advisors who are influencing that change, our goal is to reach 1000 businesses.


  • By raising awareness of the power of every business to influence change,  we hope they will embrace their potential and be the change they want to see.


  • A conscious network of advisors with the confidence and the courage to have the difficult conversations, push the boundaries and always learning.


  • A business community free of ego and false image,  achieving exceptional commercial results and greater good.