If you're not feeling part of a family where you are, maybe ours is a fit.
We work with amazing entrepreneurs and senior executives and their companies to deliver exceptional outcomes.

If you're not feeling part of a family where you are, maybe ours is a fit.

If you're looking to become part of a team that will support, challenge, grow, and hold you accountable, then encite could be for you.

encite is a partnership of like-minded advisors empowering the relationship between advisor and client. We believe that business is the vehicle for global change.

Whilst our focus is on client outcomes, we believe that supporting the growth of each other is essential to achieve this.

An advisor needs their own team, a wider centre of knowledge and objectivity to support their own level of focus and professional development, as well as accountability.

It's not just what you know or what you've done that makes you an encite partner, it's who you are, how you behave and who you are willing to become.

Whilst we come from a range of different business backgrounds, and professional disciplines, we share a set of simple values; we hold each other accountable to "walk the talk" and model the behaviours we encourage in our clients.

It all starts with a conversation

Encite Partners are chosen according to character, behaviour and willingness to evolve. Our values are Authenticity, Integrity, Courage.

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