We have an unwaivering commitment to exceptional outcomes in both business and life

encite was founded by a small tribe of successful business owners and senior executives. All were experienced in coaching, consulting and mentoring and all felt the influence of their coaches and mentors changed their own lives.

The perceived need was for an abundant environment of authenticity and co-operation among advisors, achieving real commercial outcomes in a purposeful manner.

encite does not compete with other consultancy organisations, we welcome and often work alongside other high performing individuals from other firms to join us on client engagements or to utilise our network of advisors. We focus on client outcomes as the single measure of success and don't let politics or commercial terms get in the way.

Our clients are like us. They are driven entrepreneurs and leaders who don't claim to have all the answers and are willing to learn and grow. They recognize the value of a trusted advisor who has been there before, working alongside them as a true partner.

The core strategy of the business is anchored in exceptional client outcomes by going beyond what they thought possible both commercially and personally.


Tools and Methodologies

The world has gone open-source and so have we.

Our tools are widely accepted and published principles from which we have created frameworks that are customised in response to client needs.

We have collectively integrated our capability over the years and our key source of leverage arises from recognising and championing each of our unique skills and talents

We bring our whole selves to every engagement knowing we can always lean on one another and our network to get the job done to best effect.

A key aim is to encourage our clients to think about their businesses in a different way. Through curiosity and the application of frameworks which challenge the current paradigm we help inject fresh thinking and energy into established enterprises.

The inner game drives the outer game, and a shift in mindset can often reveal resources and growth options which had previously been hidden by a misplaced set of assumptions.

Partner Organisations and Associations